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Experience High-Energy Workouts with Our Afro-Zumba Classes


A little bit about Our Afro-Zumba Classes.

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Afro-Zumba, as brought to you by Bodies by Barry. Rooted in the rhythmic tapestry of African beats, blended with spirited Spanish melodies and chart-topping hits, our classes are more than just your typical fitness experience.


Understanding the essence of dance and how it brings people together, our approach to Afro-Zumba is both gentle and welcoming. We've meticulously curated our music selection to ensure that it resonates with individuals of all fitness levels and ages. With each beat and step, we aim to bridge gaps, invoking a sense of community and shared energy.

But at Bodies by Barry, our mission goes beyond just dance and fitness. We've painstakingly crafted an ambiance that transcends the traditional. In our classes, sweat is merely a testament to the joy of movement. It's about coming together, shedding inhibitions, and reveling in the joy of the dance. It's about moving to the beat of the heart, not just the beat of the song.


More than just a workout, we offer a sanctuary. A space where you can truly be yourself, connect with other free-spirited individuals, and embark on a journey of fun, freedom, and fitness. Every session with us is an invitation to let go, to immerse yourself in intense amounts of fun, and to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of culture, rhythm, and movement.

So whether you're a seasoned dancer, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to embark on a new adventure, Bodies by Barry's Afro-Zumba promises an experience that will leave you invigorated, liberated, and yearning for more.


Join us, and let's dance like nobody's watching!

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